Originally from McDonough Ga, Aaron Hudgins, now 23,  got his start in singing and songwriting at the age of 19. Always being consumed by sports growing up, he continued his football career in college, but it was short lived due to injury. Without having an athletic outlet, Aaron turned to music to get him through. 

After his first semester, Aaron transferred to Jacksonville State University (JSU). At JSU, Aaron was entered in a talent show called Big Man On Campus (BMOC), which was held by Zeta Tau Alpha, and won (as a freshmen). At the event, a bar promoter heard him and offered him a show at one of the local bars, Pelhams, the following Friday. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since then, Aaron has been working on developing his voice and his songwriting abilities.  His first EP came out in March 2017 is titled "What You Did To Me".  Since then, he has been very busy getting connected with several new venues.  His song, Crazy's What I Need, was on Atlanta's 94.9 The Bull Backyard Country this summer.  It was in the top five for all ten weeks and went to #1.  He has been invited to many writer's rounds in Nashville and is beginning the process to record his next EP.  His fan base has even expanded from NYC and Colorado. 

He is eager to expand his horizons and his performance opportunities. Thank you for visiting his site to learn more about him.

"I'm living the dream I never dreamed and I could NOT be happier! Dreams change, life is unpredictable, just go with the flow."            - Aaron Hudgins